Colour Selection

At Freddie's we realize home decorating is one of the most rewarding of all activities around the house. Your home reflects who you are, and provides the pleasure and comfort of fresh and attractive surroundings.

With the help of the Benjamin Moore Decorating Planner, we will assist you in getting your project started by selecting the colours that best complement your home.


Gather the fabrics, photographs, magazine clippings, color swatches and millwork samples that will help you coordinate your decorating ideas and will help you make your colour decisions. Anything that catches your eye and your own style can be used as inspiration. Inspiration is simply your attraction and reaction to simple objects, colours, textures, shapes and moods. Observe colours together and see if a pattern for a colour palette develops. Select the colours you prefer and use these in different variations to decorate your home.

Colour of Illusion

Colour has the ability to create dimension-it can give the illusion of a larger, wider room or one that appears smaller and cozier. Whatever your room size, here are a few hints on how to use colour to enhance a room's appearance. You'll see how dramatically less expensive it is to colour your walls than to buy an expensive sofa, so don't be afraid to use paint as a decorating tool.

Small Room

Minimize contrast within the space to increase the apparent size of the room. The more similar the colours are in value, the larger the room will feel.

Large Room

Create a focal point in the room through colour and fixture placement. Create contrast in areas to attract attention away from the overall size of the room.

High Ceiling

Bring the ceiling colour 6 inches down on to the walls and add a painted border to detract from the ceiling height.

Square Room

To give a square room a little dimension, paint one wall in a warm, bright colour. This will give the room a visual focal point.

Long Narrow Room

Painting two tones of the same colour, with the darker colour on the farthest wall, helps to bring the room in a little.

Creating a Mood with Colour

Colour SelectionWhen you walk into a room do you want to feel cheery and lively, or calm and serene? Maybe you want to feel a sense of sophistication or elegance. With colour, you can create a unique mood in any room. Here are some colour combinations that help you create a mood.

  • Yellow and limes - bright and sunny
  • Golds and bronzes - rich and friendly
  • Olive tones - somber and quiet
  • Greens - cheerful and open
  • Gray greens, aquas and jades - calm and serene
  • Pinks and reds - lively and aggressive
  • Purples and violet blues - sophisticated and daring
  • Blues and turquoises - refreshing and tranquil
  • Orange and peaches - active and inviting
  • Spice tones - advancing and bold
  • Camels, beiges and taupes - subtle and elegant
  • Earth tones - warm and cozy
  • Grays, charcoals and neutrals - cool and receding

These helpful tips come from the Benjamin Moore Decorating Planner. Stop by Freddie's and pick up your own copy to discover many more decorating secrets from the professionals at Benjamin Moore and Freddie's Paint.