In today’s world, everything is hectic and needs to be done right away. Rolling and brushing paint can be a bit on the time consuming side.

Do you know the advantages of using an Airless Sprayer?

Using an airless paint sprayer for large projects is a must. The effectiveness of the airless paint sprayer over traditional brush and roller are enormous where application areas are large and extensive and if a glossy finish is desired.  Cabinets and Doors have a smoother; even finish.  The airless sprayer uses a hose method to push the paint through the nozzle instead of compression. This mainly prevents an overspray problem.

The use of regular roller can leave streaks on your surface if not applied properly. But, a combination of both methods for beginners can be a lot quicker. Spray and back roll, to even out the paint, a few hours of this method and you should be able to spray your finish coats without back rolling.

 The uniform application that the sprayer will produce is ideal on textured walls, popcorn-effect ceilings, or uneven surfaces. Even layers will be applied when the airless paint sprayer is properly handled. Remember to check the level of paint remaining because it can leave areas with non-uniform layers.

Outside, sprayers can be also be used for stain, as long as it isn’t the first coat of stain, this needs to be brushed into the pores of the wood. Subsequent coats can easily be sprayed.

For smaller projects sprayers are not recommended since the prep and cleaning time can overwhelm the benefits. Freddies Paint carries a variety of ASM Mustang Airless Sprayers, made by Graco.  We are able to find you the right equipment for your project or provide you with the names of professionals that can provide the service.  If you have questions please email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.